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AB Power Construction & Electric Inc: Electrical Upgrade Insurance Requirements Service

Electrical Upgrades Insurance Requirements – What You Need to Know

Buying, selling or renovating a property should be an exciting time that is stress and headache free. Being unprepared for electrical upgrades can lead to many problems which can negatively impact the amount of time it takes to close a deal and going over budget for repairs and damages. AB Power Construction & Electric Inc is well-known for being among the leading electrician companies in the city. With many years of combined experience under our belts we have been able to work closely with insurance guidelines to understand exactly what it takes to fulfill client’s strict stipulations.

Your Insurance Says You Need a New Electrical Panel - Now What?

Older homes, (no more than 20 years old) used to be outfitted with a 60-amp electrical service box that was able to power all the appliances and fixtures in a traditional home. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to find 150-200 amps powering the modern appliances found in modern built homes. There are several things seasoned electrical contractors want you to consider before changing a main service panel, these include:

  • Is the supporting electrical panel wiring sufficient to carry the demands of an increased electrical load?
  • Are all connections properly wired and insulated?
  • Are there subpanels that need to be considered?
  • How much power will you need in 10-20 years?
  • Will you benefit from installing surge protection while the wiring is accessible?
  • If the wiring that is attached to an electrical panel replacement is not correctly gauged and insulated to prevent electrical fires, they can easily overheat and become undetected in the walls, ceilings, and flooring of your home. It is our responsibility (by law) to bring any wiring attached to a new service panel up to code at the time of replacement.

    Common Reasons an Insurer Will Request an Electrical Service Upgrade

    When an insurance provider makes a request for your property to be inspected by your local electricians, it means they would like a clear understanding of the risks your wiring and electrical devices present. Here are some early warning signals that will tell you if an electrical panel is going to pass or fail an inspection:

    • The service panel is hot
    • You have knot, tube or aluminum wiring
    • There is a burning, melting, or chemical-type smell coming from the unit
    • Your breakers trip frequently
    • Switches are capable of processing more power than the supporting wiring
    • The panel is oversubscribed
    • Main service panel needs to be replaced to provide more power for the utility
    • A fuse box cannot support the required load
    • Your electrical service box is double tapped
    • New appliances are being installed which require more power than your service panel can carry

    Don’t take any chances with your insurance coverage. Get in touch with AB Power Construction & Electric Inc today, for more information on how we can help you meet any residential and commercial electrical upgrades and insurance requirements.