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AB Power Construction & Electric Inc: Custom Home Theater Installation Service

Custom Home Theater Installation

AB Power Construction & Electric Inc is the leading local authorities in custom home theater installations. With years of experience helping homeowners achieve their unique audio-visual dreams, we have the depth of knowledge, training, and experience to complete any home theater setup to perfection.

Sit back and relax during a free consultation with our licensed engineering specialists. We’ll explore the unique acoustics of your chosen space, this way we can gauge exactly how much work will need to be done to achieve the results you want; while maintaining the safety and insurability of your premises throughout the install process, and after it’s completion. We are:

  • Licensed
  • Insured
  • Bonded
  • Reliable
  • Experienced
  • Safety certified

If you need help selecting the top-quality televisions and sound system products to complete your room; our design team can help. We have hands-on experience with all the top brands and will be able to help you select the products that will integrate into your optimal home theater system installation the best.

Need Professional Mounting, Video Distribution, or TV Installation?

If you’ve just purchased a new television or intend to purchase one soon, you may be wondering how to mount, install, and integrate it with other devices. Not all TV sets are set up to be mounted in the same way, and if electrical wiring must take place, you’ll need a licensed professional who is familiar with the safety requirements outlined in the National Electrical Code. We are certified installers of Plasma TV’s, LCD TVs’, HDTV’s, flat screen and panel televisions.

Home Audio Installation Increases the Value of Your Investment

There is nothing like the luxury of being able to control the speakers in your home with the touch of a button. Our seamless home audio installations offer you the most complex of soundscapes in one, or many rooms in your home. Immerse yourself in your custom home theater sound system by allowing us to complement the natural acoustics in the room with your existing or new technology. We are masters at audio integration and can recommend the safest, most reliable and economical wiring plans that will save you time and money in the long run.

What About Home Entertainment Installation?

Keep the gamer in your life (or yourself) very happy by thinking about home entertainment installations that can get rid of those unsightly wires once and for all. What home theater is complete without unfettered access to your favorite consoles? These are some of the systems we have recently integrated into a home theater:

  • Xbox
  • PlayStation
  • Wii and Wii-U
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Previous generation and vintage gaming consoles
  • Laptop and desktop computers

Help with Remote Controls and Home Audio Installation Near Me

What could be more frustrating than having the perfect basement set up for watching movies, listening to music and gaming, but not being able to work the remote controls? In our experience, user controls are the number one setback to the perfect audio/video experience. If you are having problems with the remotes on any of your home audio installations, we can dispatch someone to come over and calibrate them for you right away.

Give us a call for more information on how we can make your custom home theater installation experience even better by shaving off expenses without sacrificing quality or cutting corners.