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AB Power Construction & Electric Inc: Alarm Systems Service

Alarm Systems

Is your home or commercial building protected from threats like intruders, fire, burglary, carbon monoxide, and flooding? Did you know properties with advanced alarm system services are statistically less likely to be chosen as a target for crime? Putting the safety and protection of you and your family first is as important to us as it is to you. At AB Power Construction & Electric Inc, we strive to deliver leading innovations in wired alarm system installations and video surveillance technologies. Our low rates and fast turnaround times mirror our commitment to making our quality security installations available to virtually anyone. See how we can protect your investment and contribute to your comfort and peace of mind for the long run—without crushing your budget.

We offer free consultations and upfront quotations— no hidden fees or surprises. Recently, we have developed expert solutions for the following types of local business, as well as private landowners:

  • Car dealerships
  • Universities
  • Factories
  • Retail stores
  • Shopping malls
  • Cafes
  • Bars
  • Commercial construction
  • Residential construction
  • Animal shelters
  • Hospitals
  • Police and fire stations
  • Daycare facilities
  • Health clinics
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Research centers
  • Pharmaceutical companies

Designing your Alarm System Service

Since no two homes, businesses or families are exactly alike, we believe there is no one-size-fits-all solution to the best coverage offered by a single alarm system service. Instead, we feel it takes a carefully designed, customized alarm installation that works within your budget to maximize results. Here are some components we can integrate into your new or upgraded system:

  • Smoke detection
  • Smart thermostats
  • Smart lights
  • Sirens
  • Door and window contact sensors
  • Alarm system installation
  • Broken glass detectors
  • Outdoor cameras
  • Indoor cameras
  • Image sensors
  • Smart door locks and touch activated door locking mechanisms
  • Garage door controls and sensors
  • Freeze detection
  • Flood detection
  • Two-way voice speakers
  • Emergency buttons to alert for help in situations of fire, panic or medical distress

A Refined Alarm System

Installation Process with Fast Turnarounds

If you’ve sat around waiting for a service person to show up for work, then you already know how frustrating it is to deal with people who don’t take their work (and responsibility to you) seriously. Our commitment to quick turnarounds doesn’t come with cut corners, hidden fees, or strings attached. The technicians under our employment are hand selected, bonded/insured, and expected to arrive at work on time. In addition to this, we have a large fleet of fully stocked service vehicles available to support each project—we always have the exact tools we need to get the job done right.

During the installation of security systems, we will need to shut down the power to one or more areas of your building to safely implement wiring and electrical components. We’ll make sure to plan this for a time that works best for you so there are as few interruptions to your daily schedule as possible.

Call us now to arrange a consultation with our alarm system service analysts—at your convenience. During this free consultation, we will be happy to provide you with a complimentary quote.